What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do in Ontario?

Learn about the various roles and responsibilities of real estate lawyers, and what a real estate lawyer does in Ontario.

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Todd Ji, real estate lawyer

Todd Ji

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June 12, 2023


Real estate law in Ontario encompasses a wide range of legal matters related to the ownership, transfer, and management of property. Whether you're buying, selling, or investing in real estate, it's crucial to have an experienced real estate lawyer on your side to help navigate the complexities of the process. So, what does a real estate lawyer do in Ontario?

Assisting with Real Estate Transactions

A key responsibility of real estate lawyers in Ontario is to assist clients with property transactions. They work closely with buyers and sellers, guiding them through the process of purchasing, selling, or refinancing a property. They ensure that clients' interests are protected and that transactions are legally compliant, while also coordinating with other professionals such as real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and surveyors.

Reviewing Purchase Contracts

Real estate lawyers are responsible for reviewing purchase contracts to ensure they are legally sound and fair to all parties involved. They carefully examine the terms and conditions of the agreement and recommend any necessary changes to protect their client's interests. They also ensure that any contingencies, such as financing or property inspections, are properly addressed.

Conducting Comprehensive Due Diligence

Before a property is bought or sold, it's essential to conduct thorough due diligence to identify any potential issues that may affect the transaction. Real estate lawyers in Ontario conduct comprehensive due diligence by reviewing land surveys, zoning regulations, and property title searches. They identify any potential liens, encroachments, or easements that could impact their client's ownership rights.

Legal Representation for Buyers

When purchasing a property, buyers often face a multitude of legal challenges. A real estate lawyer represents the buyer's interests throughout the transaction, providing guidance on complex issues such as mortgage financing, title insurance, and government regulations. They help buyers understand their rights and obligations, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

What Real Estate Lawyers Do to Help Sellers

Sellers also benefit from the expertise of real estate lawyers. They ensure that sellers meet their legal obligations, such as disclosing any known defects or complying with local zoning regulations. Real estate lawyers also help sellers navigate tax implications and provide guidance on handling multiple offers or negotiations with prospective buyers.


Real estate lawyers play a crucial role in closing the transaction. They prepare and review closing documents, including the deed, transfer documents, and mortgage documents. They also ensure that all financial aspects of the transaction are settled, such as paying off existing mortgages or liens and ensuring that the funds are properly disbursed.

Title Insurance Purchasing

Title insurance is an essential component of many real estate transactions in Ontario. Real estate lawyers assist clients in purchasing title insurance to protect them from potential title defects or claims against their ownership rights. They also review the title insurance policy to ensure that it provides adequate coverage for their clients' needs.

Creating a Statement of Adjustments

The statement of adjustments is a crucial document that outlines the final financial details of a real estate transaction. Real estate lawyers in Ontario prepare this document, ensuring that all adjustments, such as property taxes, utility bills, and other expenses, are accurately calculated and allocated between the buyer and seller.

Other Responsibilities for Real Estate Lawyers in Ontario

In addition to the roles outlined above, real estate lawyers in Ontario may also handle:

  • Drafting and reviewing leases for residential and commercial properties
  • Providing advice on land use, zoning, and development matters
  • Assisting with property tax appeals
  • Advising on co-ownership and condominium law

Property Litigation Issues

When disputes arise between property owners or other parties, real estate lawyers can provide legal representation in property litigation matters. They represent clients in disputes involving boundary disputes, easements, adverse possession claims, and breaches of contract. By advocating for their clients' interests, real estate lawyers help to resolve property-related conflicts through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, if necessary.

Making Real Estate Investment Decisions

Investing in real estate can be a complex process, and having a knowledgeable real estate lawyer on your side can make all the difference. They can provide valuable advice on structuring real estate investments, tax implications, and navigating the intricacies of joint ventures and partnerships. Real estate lawyers help investors make informed decisions and ensure their investments are legally sound and profitable.

Estate Property Mitigation

Real estate lawyers also play a vital role in estate planning and administration. They assist clients in preparing wills and trusts, transferring property ownership, and resolving disputes among beneficiaries. Real estate lawyers help clients navigate the probate process, ensuring that estate property is distributed according to the deceased's wishes while minimising tax liabilities.

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